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Chef's Tastings at Fidler & Co.

Beyond Seasonal and Local

We’re staying true to our supper club heritage with our exclusive gourmet Chef’s Tasting, five inspired courses from Chef Josh Fidler's that shows off hand-picked ingredients and culinary prowess.


“It's all about pushing boundaries both for the chef and the diner.”
— Chef Josh Fidler

Ready for Surprises?


You never know what’s on the menu at this almost-secret, anything-goes dinner inside our cozy restaurant, a hidden gem minutes from historic Gettysburg. Chef Fidler’s command of everyday and exotic ingredients will leave you hungry for more.

Dietary restrictions? No problem. Chef Fidler can accommodate in true fine dining style. Simply make a note in the online reservation form and then be amazed by what he does with your requests.


“We make people feel really special with all the little details. It really becomes all about the food and our guests’ connection with it.”
— Chef Josh Fidler

We Bring the Chef to You

Wow your next gathering with a private Chef’s Tasting at your place. Bring Fidler & Co.’s craft kitchen specialties to your home, office or event venue—the sky’s the limit within 30 miles of our restaurant. There’s an 8-person minimum starting at $89 per person (includes tax and gratuity). The all-inclusive setup is $500, but note that alcohol and décor are up to the host. Private gatherings are available Sunday, Monday and Tuesday only.

Book Today


Reservations for our in-demand Chef’s Tasting dinners sell out fast. Book now and celebrate your next special occasion, dinner club or friends’ night out with us. Treat the gourmands in your life, or come just to enjoy Chef Josh Fidler’s signature fine dining and his company.


“We get to cook exactly what we’re feeling and interact with the guests directly.”
— Chef Josh Fidler





There’s an 8-person minimum for our Chef’s Tasting on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings only. Five courses are $89 per person (plus tax and gratuity). Want even more? Extra courses may be added upon request for an additional fee. Remember to BYOB.

"There’s no catch, just a fresh concept. The purpose of his exclusive, elusive dinners is to highlight and elevate the richness and potential of Gettysburg’s very own—somewhat undiscovered—food scene."
— Amy Strauss, The Town Dish



“I have lived in Gettysburg for 15 years and that generally means getting in the car and driving 40 minutes to find really great food, but (this) is the real deal and right around the corner from my house.


Impeccably prepared and presented, and it was a truly a joy to get to talk with Josh Fidler and the other chefs about what they love to do and how they do it. Standing around the kitchen talking to three professional chefs about their craft was priceless.


If you are planning a trip to Gettysburg, see if a table is available and give it a try - you won't be disappointed. If you are not already planning on coming to town, this is a reason to make a trip to Gettysburg.”
— Mike F 



“I quite often find myself longing to be eating at Fidler & Co., when I know I can't possibly do so, mostly because it's not just about eating there. It's about the care, beauty and thought put into what’s there to eat. Each and every time.”
— Diner Marilyn Dolly